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Personal Injury - auto accidents-class actions-slip and falls-medical malpractice-workers' compensation

Angelo Marino, Jr. P.A.

Automobile, Motorcycle, and Trucking Accidents

Personal injuries from automobile, motorcycle, and trucking accidents have far-reaching effects on you, your family, and your relationships. The frightening event leaves an emotional scar and exacts heavy costs due to personal injuries, repairs, medical treatment, and lost wages.

For 47 years, Angelo Marino Jr. and his law firm have represented and helped consumers in automobile accident cases. Mr. Marino can help you get your medical bills, repair costs, and lost wages paid; compensate you for your personal injuries, help navigate the maze of insurance paperwork; explain your rights, and help resolve your case.

Donʼt hesitate to contact us when you are involved in an automobile, motorcycle, or trucking accident. We will provide a free consultation to determine how we can help you recover any compensation due you under the law.  954-765-0537

Auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents- all personal injuries

In case of an accident, print out this helpful paper listing the steps to take after an accident.